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Passionate Internet Marketer and World Class Salesman. Let Me Show You How To Build A Sales Empire For The 21st Century.
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Written on July 11, 2020
ShackleBreakers is a DBA of BEA Ventures LLC. 

It's my sincerest pleasure to welcome you to this page and to ShackleBreakers. We are a digital marketing company focused on helping commission-based salespeople to upgrade their skills and learn how to build a sales empire online.

The world has changed greatly over the past 20 years (heck, even over the past 12 months!) and the time is ripe for traditional sales people - those who grind every day hammering out cold calls, cold emails, and door-to-door prospecting - to learn how to leverage technology in order to build scale into both their own business (so they can earn profits over wages/commissions) and into their life in general.

ShackleBreakers coaches salespeople on how to achieve this vision with the ultimate goal helping them to 'break the shackles' of whatever has been holding them back in the past, whether it's knowledge, motivation, direction, or execution - we help with all of it.

I believe that every salesperson on the planet should know how to market themselves, build a brand, and serve a community of people in a field they're passionate about, utilizing their sales skills and amplifying their results through digital advertising.

Now is the time to take action and to begin the journey of transformation from salesperson, to marketer and entrepreneur.

See you on the inside. 
Brandon Archambault
Founder of ShackleBreakers
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